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Vicarello Beaker II


Other names

Vasos Apol·linars 2

Vaso 2 de Vicarello

Vasos Apolinares 2

Bicchieri de Vicarello 2

Gobelet 2 de Vicarello
Roman Empire
-26 / 476

Second of the 4 silver beakers found in 1852 near the Lake Bracciano at Vicarello in the baths of Aquae Apollinares which have graved the Roman route between Gades (Cádiz) and Rome. Dated around the 1st century AD, the cylindrical cups from 9.5–11.5 cm are inscribed on their outside with an itinerary that goes from Gades (modern Cadiz) overland to Rome, including all the 104 stopping points along the way and the distances between them, for a total of 1840 Roman miles.

The beakers could have been part of a votive deposit but they have raised several questions as they do not seem to have any relationship to Apolo, the divinity of the site and in fact the route on the cups passes dozens of kilometers to the eas

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