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Itinerario de Barro 2 (A)


Other names
Later Roman
227 / 310

The Itinerario de Barro is composed of four clay plates, extraordinarily fragmented, which in their complete form would measure 14 X 12 cms. and of which only one, precisely the second, appears topped by a trapezoidal handle with a hole that, undoubtedly, would serve to hang it. In the four clay plates mentioned a series of roads in the northwest of the Iberian Peninsula with details of the respective mansions and the partial distances of each other.

The authenticity of the Itinerario de Barro clay plates had been continuously discussed (Arias 1987, Roldan 1975) but recent thermoluminescence technique analysis had proved their Roman authenticity (Fernández Ochoa et al. 2012).

One of the two itineraries shown in Table II is Lucus Augusti-Iria. It coincides with the Via 20 of the Antonine Itinerary, although the AI shows the itinerary in the opposite direction, from Iria to Lucus Augusti.

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