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Ruben Moreno-Bote


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Foundation Sant Joan de Deu


Parc Sanitari Sant Joan de Déu

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Recently, some of the neuronal correlates of high level cognitive functions, such as decision making, working memory and attention, have been uncovered. Neurophysiologists, powered with new recording techniques, are obtaining crucial information about the neuronal mechanisms that underlay the perception of the objects, confidence in our decisions or our perception of time. With these neuronal recording techniques, we are for the first time in a position to unravel some of the complex mechanisms that underlay basic psychological phenomena. In our lab we combine computational neuroscience with the analysis of neuronal and behavioural data to understand how neuronal dynamics underlies cognitive functions, such as perception and decision making, and to describe complex multielectrode recording neuronal data. Given the broad scope of the problems that we face and the variety of methods required, our lab is multidisciplinary, involving techniques from psychology, physics, mathematics and neuroscience.



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computational neuroscience, decisision-making, correlations


J. Drugowitsch*, R. Moreno-Bote*, A.K. Churchland, M.N. Shadlen, and A. Pouget The Cost of Accumulating Evidence in Perceptual Decision Making Journal of Neuroscience, 32(11), 3612-28, 2012 

Moreno-Bote, D.K. Knill and A. Pouget Bayesian sampling in visual perception PNAS, 108(30), 12491-6, 2011

 R. Moreno-Bote, J. Rinzel and N. Rubin Noise-induced alternations in an attractor network model of perceptual bistability Journal of Neurophysiology, 98: 1125–1139, 2007

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