Some observations:

  • We identified 131 groups doing neuroscience research in Catalonia. The number of full-time members of 130 of these groups represents a total of 1124 researchers.

  • Atomization. Out of the 115 groups who provided this information, 48% are small groups (≤5 full-time members), 38% are medium-sized groups (6-14 members) and 15% are large groups (≥ 15 members). These percentages are identical to those observed in 2009.


  • Gender bias in the Neurosciences? 57% of 131 identified groups are directed by men, 29% by women and 14% have mixed direction

  • Research Areas. Research groups were asked to select from a list of eight major research areas in neuroscience the ones which best described the work done by the group (minimum 1, maximum 3). All groups responded with the following results: CNS disorders 71%; Neuronal death / neuroprotection 46%; Cognition and behavior 44%; Signalling 32%; Neurotransmission 28%; Glial cells / neuroinflammation 23%; Development 20%; Other 24%.

  • Major institutions. The issue of membership of research groups is becoming more complex because groups are often affiliated to several institutions. With the data collected, the three institutions with the highest number of neuroscience research groups in Catalonia are UAB UAB (33 groups), UB (33 groups) and IDIBAPS (22 groups). Other institutions with a significant number of research groups in neuroscience are CSIC (9), IDIBELL (8), ICREA (7), research institutes associated with the hospitals of Vall d’Hebron (7), Sant Pau (6) and Sant Joan de Déu (5) and the universities Pompeu Fabra (5) and Lleida.

  • Centralism. The map reflects, among other things, the highly centralised nature of neuroscience research in Catalonia.  The great majority of the groups identified (92%) are located in the Barcelona metropolitan area. We have identified 11 groups outside this area, located in Lleida (4 groups), Reus / Tarragona (3 groups), Girona (2 groups) and Vic (2 groups).





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