Michele Swanson, Gemma Reguera, Moselio Schaechter, ... [et. al.]

2nd ed.

Washington, DC : ASM Press, cop. 2016

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 10 termes

DegP protease  n.

p. 251

If something goes awry, misfolded proteins are degraded in the periplasm by the DegP protease, which prevents them from getting inserted into the outer membrane.

Desulfobulbaceae  [nom cientÝfic]

p. 571

Bacteria in the family Desulfobulbaceae take a completely different approach to grow with both hydrogen sulfide and oxygen (Fig. 20.7).

diatom powder  n.

p. 440-441

Hence, diatom powder works as a natural pesticide. The same abrasive properties also make diatom shell powder a favorite ingredient in cleaning powders and metal polish formulations.

diauxic growth  n.

p. 306

He was puzzled when he observed two phases of growth (known as diauxic growth): the first phase correlated with depletion of glucose and the second phase with lactose consumption.

DNA footprint  n.

p. 15

Together, the molecular (DNA footprints) and the geological (mineral footprints) records have allowed scientists to reconstruct chapters of the history of microbes on Earth with outstanding precision.

DNA topology  n.

p. 318

DNA topology: An effective way to control the initiation of transcription is by changing the DNA topology to either prevent or promote xsigmax-RNAP binding to the promoter.

domesticated variant  n.

p. 368

Many of the strains handled in laboratories "forgot" (genetically speaking) how to respond to environmental cues that otherwise trigger biofilm formation. These are domesticated variants of strains that exist in nature.

DPANN superphylum  n. (Dynamic Programming meets Artificial Neural Network superphylum)

p. 410

The deep branching of the DPANN superphylum, which contains ultrasmall Archaea with very small genomes and limited metabolic capabilities, suggests that the archaeal ancestor may have also been small and may have had a simple physiology based on the anaerobic cycling of carbon and hydrogen.

dsDNA  n. (double-stranded DNA)

p. 66

By countering each other's activity, these two topoisomerases ensure that the dsDNA in the nucleoid is, overall, slightly negative supercoiled: just enough to facilitate strand separation during replication and transcription yet not enough to trigger a catastrophic separation of the two strands.

El sin˛nim no Ús neol˛gic.

Dynamic Programming meets Artificial Neural Networks superphylum  n. (DPANN superphylum)

p. 409-410

Environmental genomics studies and single-cell genomics further filled the gaps at the base of the archaeal branch, identifying several new candidate phyla for ultra-small Archaea that defied cultivation and which were grouped collectively in the Dynamic Programming meets Artificial Neural Networks (DPANN) superphylum.