Michele Swanson, Gemma Reguera, Moselio Schaechter, ... [et. al.]

2nd ed.

Washington, DC : ASM Press, cop. 2016

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 5 termes

Zea may  n.

p. 394

But if your average Escherichia coli bacteria, whose genome is about 4.6 million base pairs (Mbp), had to replicate the much (1,000 times) larger genome of corn (Zea mays), the prokaryotic cell would need about 20 times more energy.

Zetaproteobacteria  [nom científic]

p. 405

The Zetaproteobacteria include a singles species, the iron-oxidizer Mariprofundus ferrooxydans.

zombie insect  n.

p. 607

However, getting off the forest floor also exposes the zombie insect to sunlight and to temperatures that are not optimal for the growth of the fungi.

zoonose  n.

p. 732

Whether in the wild, on farms, or in our homes, animals are a source of an impressive variety of infectious diseases, collectively referred to as "zoonoses".

zoonotic pathogen  n.

p. 732

Because they typically circulate in free-roaming animals, zoonotic pathogens can be challenging to track down and control.