Michele Swanson, Gemma Reguera, Moselio Schaechter, ... [et. al.]

2nd ed.

Washington, DC : ASM Press, cop. 2016

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yeast infection  n.

p. 425

Fungi also causes disease. Table 15.3 lists some of the principals fungal infections of humans. Note that these include some rather common ones that many of us are acquainted with, such as athlete's foot and vaginal "yeast" infections.

Yersinia pseudotuberculosis  [nom científic]

p. 732

In this chapter two highly related zoonotic bacterial pathogens that cause strikingly different illnesses —Yersinia psedotuberculosis, the cause of foodborne gastrointestinal illness, and Yersinia pestis, the flea-borne agent of the plague— will vividly illustrate the power of such microbial attributes as type III secretion systems, horizontal gene transmission, the second messenger cyclic di-GMP, and biofilms to transform pesky fleas into agents of the Black Death.

Yop  n.

p. 735

Virulence factors (Yops)

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